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UltrOZ™ Elite is a wearable ultrasonic therapy system for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions in horses.  UltrOZ has been used successfully to treat Splints, Suspensory Ligaments & Tendons, Muscle strains, Stiff joints, Arthritis, and Bone fractures.

  1. No longer is your horse tethered to a large control system!

  2. No longer must treatment be administered by a trained specialist!

Your horse receives all the healing benefits of ultrasound therapy while unattended in the stall with the Ultroz Elite wearable ultrasound therapy system.

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Who is using this system?

UltrOZ Elite is currently being used by veterinarians, owners, trainers, riders, and athletic teams. Early users include Hagyard Equine Hospital, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Cornell University Equine Hospital, and the Cornell Polo Team.

Does the horse feel anything?

The horse will likely feel a slight warming sensation and a pain reduction. No vibrations, shocks, or other uncomfortable sensations will emanate from the UltrOZ Elite applicator.

How is this different from Laser, magnetic or Electrical therapies?

Ultrasonic therapy is completely different from light, magnetic, or electrical therapies. Unlike most other therapies on the market, ultrasound penetrates deeply with a continuous compression wave. This wave is responsible for the increased heat, circulation, flexibility, and cellular activity in the area.

Does UltrOZ Elite reduce pain?

Yes, one of the first reported effects of the treatment when used on humans is pain reduction. While it is difficult to measure pain reduction in a horse, case studies showed reduced lameness and increased perceived comfort in the majority of horses receiving treatment with this system.

Read more FAQs on the UltrOZ site at: http://www.ultroz.com/faq

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Published Research on Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS™)

Low intensity ultrasound therapy was originally developed as a bone fracture repair therapy for non-union fractures. Scientists and clinicians found that longer duration, low intensity therapy helped to increase the natural healing rate of the body. LITUS therapies later expanded into soft tissue healing applications like tendon and ligament healing.

Read a full summary compilation of low intensity ultrasound therapy in published research.
The published studies below are examples of research completed within the last decade showing the efficacy of LIUS treatments

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