• Providing Physical Therapy to treat injuries, neurological deficits, surgical repairs and diseases processes. 
  • Promotion of optimal tissue healing, muscle strengthening, coordination, balance and flexibility.
  • Delivering quality animal Physical Therapy to maximize the functional potential of canines, felines and equines.
  • Conditioning Programs for obese, geriatric, working and/or competitive performance dogs.
  • ​Educating and empowering owners to learn therapeutic home exercises addressing strengthening, flexibility and overall conditioning.
  • Prevention of re-injury care.
  • Our professoinals are trained in physical therapy methods, veterinary technology, animal behaviors and technical skills to provide top quality therapeutic services to you and your pet. 

This is a news article from our first clinic in Nashua,

explaining the benefits and expectations of animal PT.

MISSION STATEMENT:  HnHPT will utilize scientifically proven physical therapy techniques to treat veterinary diagnosed orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases and other physical problems to enhance injury recovery and general conditioning improvement with a goal of "getting animals better, faster!” than they would without intervention and treatment. HnHPT will deliver services with the secondary goal of educating the human owners to a point they can understand and carry out preventive care, therapeutic strengthening and stretching in their pet’s daily routine.



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Animal Physical Therapy is most effective when utilized immediately after injury, surgery or following the onset of a disease process. Early intervention is the ideal time to start PT for addressing pain relief, decreasing inflammation and maintaining range of motion for the shortest recover time and maximized functional movement restoration. We at Horse ‘n Hound Physical Therapy are here for you when your four legged friend needs help returning to full, functional mobility. 

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Reasons for Animal PT

​​​          Getting Animals Better, Faster!