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Clinic Hours

Monday:                   10 AM                        5 PM
Tuesday:                  10 AM                        7 PM
Wednesday:             11 AM                        7 PM
Thursday:                 10 AM                        7 PM
Friday:                        9 AM                        4 PM
Saturday:                  10 AM                       4 PM


Fax:        855.845.7570

    Email:    info@hnhpt.com

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We book barn and house calls separately; 

please call to set up all appointments for treatment.

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CALL: 603-465-4444

​E-MAIL: info@hnhpt.com

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MISSION STATEMENT:  HnHPT will utilize scientifically proven physical therapy techniques to treat veterinary diagnosed orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases and other physical problems to enhance injury recovery and general conditioning improvement with a goal of "getting animals better, faster!” than they would without intervention and treatment. HnHPT will deliver services with the secondary goal of educating the human owners to a point they can understand and carry out preventive care, therapeutic strengthening and stretching in their pet’s daily routine.

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