MANAGE "GIRTHINESS": ​If you are having this issue with your horse, I would like the opportunity to work with you *FREE OF CHARGE*, for sharing some experimental approaches to change these behaviors, for which I am collecting information. More here.



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288 S. Merrimack Rd, Hollis, NH 
Equine Stifle Clinic - Not just for stifle problems, but also rehab for horses lacking hind end impulsion. 
Physical therapy is largely focused on owner education and empowerment for owners to treat their horse directly with the approaches they learn from this clinic.
Is your horse having problems with:
  • hind end weakness
  • "dropping out" from behind
  • hind hoof toe drag 
  • been laid up due to injury/illness or surgery recovery
  • been diagnosed with intermittent upward fixation of patella
  • "stifle weakness", or
  • hind end impulsion?
If so, call our clinic to sign up today at 603 465 4444 and reserve your seat for March 2019!
Clininic Timing: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (BYO Lunch or many food takeout/restaurants in the area)
Fees: $50/pp and $200 to bring your hourse for evaluation (3 horse slots available)
Mar 31st 2019

288 S. Merrimack Rd, Hollis, NH 



►  Please call to reserve your seat: 603-465-4444  ◀︎

MISSION STATEMENT:  HnHPT will utilize scientifically proven physical therapy techniques to treat veterinary diagnosed orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases and other physical problems to enhance injury recovery and general conditioning improvement with a goal of "getting animals better, faster!” than they would without intervention and treatment. HnHPT will deliver services with the secondary goal of educating the human owners to a point they can understand and carry out preventive care, therapeutic strengthening and stretching in their pet’s daily routine.

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