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June News from Horse 'n Hound PT
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WHAT'S INSIDE:            
"I was so sure it was the beginning of the end before we came to HnHPT..." 
- See our Pet of the Month!

Benefits of our awesome
Pool Program:

  • Open for “learn to swim” for dogs that are water-afraid.
  • Great method for conditioning and cross training.
  • Great progression for our patients that are returning to function after our hind end strengthening program post injury and surgery.
  • Truly, swimming is great for all body parts and keeps your dog out of scummy blue-green waters (read below▼)!

Want to swap your Hydro sessions for Pool?
(Please call to let us revise appointment)
Click here for Pool Program details.
Stay away from scummy, blue-green waters!

As the weather warms, a body of water is extremely inviting to some of us and our four-legged friends! Be aware of cyanobacteria warnings in lakes and ponds this summer. Last year the NH Dept of Environmental Services saw a spike in cyanobacteria, often due to blooms after extreme heat and humidity. Stay away from scummy, blue-green areas.

Short-term health effects of exposure include skin irritation; long-term, cyano-toxins could be a serious issue to kidney, liver, or central nervous system functions. 

In places with spikes in cyanobacteria, DES urges people to keep their dogs out of the water as the toxins could be deadly to pets, as they lick themselves clean.

More information on cyanobacteria and all current warnings and advisories click here.
-Siobhan Lopez, WMUR, 2017

Pet of the Month:

Scooter has been my world since he was 8 months old. Now, my oldie Goldie is 12 years young. You wouldn't have thought of him as young just a few months ago. Both back legs have completely torn cruciate ligaments. When the injury first happened, he was in a good amount of pain and resisted walking altogether. He experienced a ton of muscle atrophy. He needed to be carried or brought outside with a sling and could only move on his tippy toes with a fully arched back.  To complicate the situation more, he has a pacemaker from a stage 4 a/v block. Yes, a complicated case for sure! Due to his pacemaker, surgery wasn't an option. My most-amazing-vet-in-the-world, Dr Suzan Watkins at Allenstown Animal Hospital in Suncook, NH, referred me to Horse 'n Hound Physical Therapy who sensed my hopelessness and said, "Let's get this guy moving!"

Little by little Melina (rehab tech) and physical therapist and owner Jennifer Brooks spent weeks convincing Scooter to try new exercises and stretches while keeping it a fun and positive experience for my little hairball. Lori and Kelly welcomed us in the door regularly with treats and love, making him want to come back weekly. The custom orthotic knee (stifle) brace from OrthoPets made it so we didn't need surgery after all.  Scooter took to it naturally once he was strong enough.

I am beyond happy. I was so sure it was the beginning of the end before we came to HnHPT. But we were able to put Scoot back together again! (I should have named him Humpty Dumpty)

Thank you so much!   ~ Michele Cota and Scoots


Watch "Oldie Goldie" SCOOTER accomplish his
therapeutic exercises, strengthening his core and limbs
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How Bracing Can Help Your Pet

To help your pet walk comfortably again, leg braces made individually for each front and hind leg injury. A stifle or knee brace for dogs is a proven, effective solution for ACL or CCL injuries and they are a successful alternative when surgery is not an option due to:

  • Advanced age of the pet
  • Concerns about the surgery recovery period
  • Desire for conservative management
In addition to knee (stifle) braces we can also custom-fit and order orthotic braces for the ankle (hock and tarsal), wrist (carpal), elbow, shoulders, hips and spine.
ABOVE: Rehab Tech Melina LaBonte and Jennifer Brooks, PT, CCRP, CCEP and Owner,
cast Shannon's hocks for braces.

BELOW: MacE models her stifle brace cast.
below for
more information
on how you can
have your horse evaluated
for FREE!!
FREE "Girthiness" CONSULTS FOR RESEARCH (w/in 10-mile radius)

Jennifer Brooks, PT, CCRP & Jennifer Lyons, PT, with Orli
Jennifer Lyons, PT,  candide for Canine Rehab Certification will be “testing for her Certification exam”  this July. Please wish her lots of luck when you see her in the clinic on Wednesdays. She is doing a great job for us at HnHPT. Many of her clients “want only her!!” and we are grateful to have her talent, rehab skills and TLC for our doggie clients. After she sits for her exam, Jennifer Brooks, PT, CCRP will be joining her in Knoxville for the two of them to attend the International Annual Rehab Veterinary Physical Therapy Conference for more learning and networking of the latest rehab techniques for both horses and hounds! 

This Fall we plan to get back to:
Fall Evening Series by presenting speakers on:

The Masterson Method for Equines and 

another on Reading Canine & Equine Behaviorisms.


HnHPT staff will also be
at Equine Affair again this year!

Nov. 8-11, West Springfield, MA-Young Building, Booth #1308

Treatment Clinics 2019:
Equine Back Pain and Core Building in February


The Stifle Rehab Clinic in March

Register early for savings $$$ by calling
603-465-4444 now,
for 20% reduction on registration!
Ruby is learning to use her legs after being caged for years by a disappointed breeder. We know she is worthy!


for your dog
when you



a $55 VALUE!
Physical Therapeutic Services
Offered at HnHPT:
  • Initial Evaluation
  • Therapeutic Exercise Instruction
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Home Exercise Program Prescription
  • Hydrotherapy in UWTM
  • Core Strengthening Programs
  • Pool Swim Sessions (watch a video here)
  • Walking Field Memberships for walking your dog
  • Laser Therapy
  • Laser Rental/Purchase
  • Mini Assessments (30-minute, $50 well-checks)
  • ...and lots more fun here at HnHPT!!!                
                                                                     Photo: Lori snuggles Ruby Diorio


Please consider a DONATION to
The "Pepper" Memorial Fund 


Pepper was a 16 year old Rat Terrier who...(CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!)
 ...Diane and Rich had purchased a 10-pack Hydro therapy package. Upon contacting HnHPT with the sad news of Pepper's passing, they indicated they wanted their remaining $400 Hydro package purchase to go towards a donation for services needed by other dogs that could benefit from physical therapy but may not have the means to afford it. With this generous donation, we have developed the Pepper Memorial Fund for utilization by other needy dogs/animals. 

A big THANK YOU to Rich and Diane Travato for this generous gift —the inception of this fund-- that can keep on giving in the spirit of Pepper's memory. 

Please consider making YOUR REMAINING REHAB PACKAGE a contribution AT HNHPT - desperately welcome and most needed FOR DOGS AND OWNERS THAT CAN’T AFFORD REHAB.


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MISSION STATEMENT:  HnHPT will utilize scientifically proven physical therapy techniques to treat veterinary diagnosed orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases and other physical problems to enhance injury recovery and general conditioning improvement with a goal of "getting animals better, faster!” than they would without intervention and treatment. HnHPT will deliver services with the secondary goal of educating the human owners to a point they can understand and carry out preventive care, therapeutic strengthening and stretching in their pet’s daily routine.

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