​​​          Getting Animals Better, Faster!

MISSION STATEMENT:  HnHPT will utilize scientifically proven physical therapy techniques to treat veterinary diagnosed orthopedic injuries, neurological diseases and other physical problems to enhance injury recovery and general conditioning improvement with a goal of "getting animals better, faster!” than they would without intervention and treatment. HnHPT will deliver services with the secondary goal of educating the human owners to a point they can understand and carry out preventive care, therapeutic strengthening and stretching in their pet’s daily routine.


We sell and rent Laser & Ultrasound units for home use! 

HnHPT is a SpectraVet Sales Agent and Ultroz Rep.

We offer Therapeutic Laser or Low Dosage Ultrasound rentals or sales,

including rent to own.

To request more on either of these products please

call 603-465-4444 or e-mail requestfor more details.

A one time training session for safe usage is required at the time of laser rental or purchase.


CALL: 603-465-4444

​E-MAIL: info@hnhpt.com

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Underwater Treadmill Horse 'n Hound PT’s (HnHPT) clinic offers state of the art hydro therapy using an Aqua-Paws underwater treadmill for strengthening, flexibility and range

of motion restoration. The buoyancy of the water allows for gentle, pain-free exercise.

Low Level Light LASER Accelerates tissue healing by increasing vascularity and nitric oxide to the healing tissue (greater blood supply brings more oxygenated blood to the healing tissues), raises endorphin levels to decrease pain, stimulates the production of collagen tissue, and increases lymphatic activity.
Laser therapy is used to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation, and relieve pain. Applications in internal medicine, wound healing and arthritic pain relief. LPT shows great promise as a side-effect free method of treating many common disorders.​ See below for rental options.

Therapeutic Ultrasound (US) Thermal US heats deep target tissues to reduce pain, reduce muscle spasm, joint stiffness and increases tissue extensibility. Non-thermal effects increase collagen production (this is the protein network that rebuilds tissues), promotes the healing process, stimulates blood flow, bone fracture and tendon repair. [For more information, see Jennifer's article called “Making Waves” in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Equine Wellness Magazine.]See below for rental options.

UltrOZ™ Elite A wearable ultrasonic therapy system for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions in horses.  UltrOZ has been used successfully to treat Splints, Suspensory Ligaments & Tendons, Muscle strains, Stiff joints, Arthritis, and Bone fractures.

Heat Therapy Increases circulation, promotes healing, produces relaxation, warms specific tissues and stiff joints in preparation for stretching and exercise, and reduces pain and muscle spasm.

Electrical Stimulation (E-stim) A modality widely used for a multitude of remedy applications, from relieving pain to stimulating muscles, by the use of electrodes applied to the skin that deliver low-voltage stimulation to nerves in the skin and muscles below. Electrical stimulation (E-Stim) is non-invasive and non-addictive. It does not have side effects and can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions. For pain relief it is an excellent alternative to medication. It is an excellent approach to retraining denervated muscles, preventing atrophy, and can assist strengthening of weak muscles. In addition it can provide microvascular perfusion in the stimulated tissue and can often provide an overall relaxation affect on the horse during treatment.

Cold Therapy Decreases metabolic rate, reduces inflammation by vasoconstriction, decreases pain by decreasing nerve conduction.

Massage Relaxation, rehabilitation, or competition, the benefits of massage to animals

is equivalent to that of humans:
    •Improve circulation
    •Endorphin release
    •Toxin excretion
    •Relaxation and tension relief
    •Reduce stiffness
    •Injury prevention

    •Increase range of motion 

    •Enhance muscle tone

    •Improve performance and endurance
    •Posture maintenance and balance
    •Improve mental focus and attitude
    •Promote natural oils.